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Designed for Companies that want to maximize L&D ROI.

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Extend your reach and engage with people across all channels. Spark is your marketing platform built for Learning and Development (L&D). Connect your LMS and spark learning!

Extend Your Reach

Extend your reach and engage with people across all channels

Gain New Insights

Track engagement outside your LMS and gain new insights.


Draw people in with simple, automated campaigns that adapt to how they respond.

“L&D is evolving. Spark is the proof. ”


The Problem

We witnessed the same scenario over and over again: companies that try to create a learning organization, make an enormous investment in a Learning Management system (LMS), a vast library of courses and months of hard work. 


The results:

The Solution

Spark is a marketing platform built for Learning and Development (L&D). It extends your LMS with features such as email marketing campaigns, tracking, automation workflows, landing pages and much more.



The results:

Engage outside your LMS.

Now you can communicate and engage with people outside your LMS on the channels their are using. Your LMS is no longer an isolated island, it’s an integrated part of the daily work of your people.

Make L&D popular.

Get more people engaged so they actually log in and start to complete courses. With personalized targeted messages, adaptive campaigns, tracking, tagging and much more, Spark marketing platform will help you make L&D popular. 

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Start with inbound learning.


Spark learning in your organization.


Create a learning culture.