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Attract and Engage

With Spark marketing automation software, you can attract and engage employees across all channels.

“Very innovative and user-friendly”

Ruud (Rudolf) O. - FoodChain ID

Extend Your Reach

Spark Extend your reach

How do you deliver the right learning content, at the right time, in the right place? Spark draws employees in with simple, automated campaigns that adapt to how they respond.

The Right Time

Send learning content at the exact time when facing a problem.

The Right Place

Send learning content in the channels used at work.

The Right Person

Send personalized learning content and increase engagement.

Gain New Insights

Spark - Extend your reach

No doubt your LMS has reporting capabilities of what your people are doing inside the LMS, but what about outside your LMS? Spark enables you to track engagement outside your LMS. Gain new insights directly from your Spark dashboard.


Discover how people respond to your campaigns.


Monitor people's activities in your automated campaigns.


Make automated shifts in your audiences.

Want to extend your reach and engage with learners across all channels?